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Wo'O's Table (tm) subscribers are placed into email and chat contact, postal code by postal code, worldwide. We use the handout at left to find the most unselfish, friendly, intelligent people. ("Many are called, but few are chosen.") We welcome EVERYONE. If you like what you see at left, please join us.

My role is to enable you to find each other and to awaken you to a new possibility for you personally, for your community, and for the world. For this, I am paid; this web site is my business. (Wo'O's Table, a sole proprietorship, is being used to organize IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, a nonprofit corporation.)

Launch pricing phases:

  1. Phase 1 (today): One penny USD per month; no registration fee.
  2. Phase 2 (coming soon): Like Phase 1, but adding $22 second month registration fee and $20 "reward" (referral commission) payouts.
  3. Phase 3 (coming later): Like Phase 2, but monthly fee becomes $4 USD.

Subscribe now to lock in your One Penny monthly dues and to obtain a very low subscriber ID. (ID's are dispensed serially, beginning with 1.)

"People Power" at Wo'O's Table, the best place to find new friends.

No one is going to GIVE you power. You must TAKE it. There are two kinds of power: (1) Power over one's own life (people power). (2) Power over others (government power). "People Power" only exists when unselfish men and women unite to TAKE, DEFEND and ASSERT their power (over government).

In large cities, the typical response to the handout is, "Cool. Where's the free meal?" In small towns, the typical response is, "Great idea. Let's do this!" If your first thought was, "Where's the free meal?" , then you will never be empowered, because you don't have what it takes and you likely never will. I am looking for people who have what it takes, who are willing to "lift a finger" to promote true People Power, a.k.a. "Liberty and Justice for All" !

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Within minutes, each subscriber receives a welcome email that contains a unique ID. When you receive yours, you can immediately start earning "rewards" (referral commissions) by pasting links of the form https://ideafarm.com?0 into emails, social media posts, and web pages. (Replace the "0" with your ID.) No purchase is necessary; you can also earn "rewards" by replacing the "0" with your email address. (You will need a PayPal account associated with that address to receive the payout.) Click on the preceding link to see how you will GET PAID!

Click here to download the handout. Click here to download the Articles of Incorporation. Click here to view the proprietary open source software that we use.